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Learn how to code in just a few weeks.

Le Wagon is a code school, present in 40 cities and 20 countries, that provides technical know-how to all those who want to create their startup, reorient themselves towards a tech career, or train for new skills.

Our Web Developer training course teaches you the whole web stack, from database to browser. You will learn the concepts of object-oriented programming, as well as how to structure your software according to design patterns such as MVC.

In addition to mastering back-end programming languages (Ruby, SQL), you will develop your front-end skills using recent techniques such as flexbox or CSS grid and you will learn ES6, the latest version of JavaScript.

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Lighthouse Labs was founded in 2013 by a team of software developers with a passion for code, mentoring and education.

Our mission: to continually seek the best ways to train the next generation of developers and transform the way technology is taught. Five years later, we have introduced more than 30,000 Canadians to the practice of the Code and have helped more than 3,000 graduates launch their careers as professional developers.

With the support of a brilliant team of teachers and mentors who consider this profession to be the best in the world, we continue to equip students, propel careers and contribute to the explosive growth of the technology industry in Canada.

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